Thursday April 21 at 7:00 pm

Chefs from three very different backgrounds come together to share their journey in plant based cooking. From cafe eats to fine dining and the world of baking, these accomplished women will share their experiences and answer your questions. Leave knowing that a plant based kitchen is not only incredibly delicious, but also well within your abilities to create! Bring your questions, and thirst for devouring the flavors, nutrition and color in planet friendly foods. Tune in for a chance to win door prizes and stay through the Q&A for a chance to win the evening’s grand prize.

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Speaker Panel

Mimi Carpenter Loureiro

Founder, XOLO Kitchen. Mimi created XOLO Kitchen in order to empower chefs, restaurants, and caterers to make plant-based dishes that are delicious in their own right. Mimi owned and operated the incredibly popular VO2 Vegan Cafe in Cambridge MA for 7 years.  She knows her way around a kitchen, is incredibly creative, passionate, knowledgeable and up-to-date on all plant-based techniques, alternatives to dairy, eggs, and meat, and wants you to be successful in experiencing the plant-based wave. 

If you want your business to be even more inspired and innovative, she wants to work with you! 

Ramonia Daniel

Baker, Southern Girl Bakery. Ramonia and her daughter Courtney are a new business to the Seacoast, dedicated to providing customers with desserts that leave an impression and bring a smile to your face. Using only the freshest ingredients, their baked goods are crafted lovingly from the heart. With a dedication to vegan and gluten free, her knowledge on tackling baking with the omission of dairy and eggs is a delicious success!

S+P Foods

Sisters-in-law duo Shelby and Payson, are owners and chefs of S+P Foods, a plant-based catering company located in the Midcoast, Maine. Previously operating out of Portland, S+P is opening a dedicated vegan commercial kitchen and all plant-based market in Newcastle in the Spring/early Summer 2022.

They got their start by hosting pop-up dinners in 2020 in the Midcoast to provide an intimate and unique dining experience featuring multi-course meals centered around locally sourced produce. Their first several pop-up dinners sold out quickly, but needed to pivot with Covid. They started a catering business, S+P Foods, providing fresh takeout meals out of Fork Food Lab in Portland. Since then they have been busily growing the catering arm of their business while continuing to host private, all vegan events.

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Thursday April 21 at 7:00 pm